Mrs. Meyer's Class

February News

What a January we have had! The weather certainly has not been good to us lately! Freezing cold temps, lots of snow and indoor recess can certainly upset the day. Our classroom tends to be cooler too. Please have the students dress in layers or bring a sweatshirt to keep at school. I keep the temperature at 68-70 degrees. Any questions? Please email me.

We are now rolling in the third quarter. I discussed with the students about the third quarter slump! This time of year always seems to bring out challenging behaviors like not turning in work, goofing off in class, feeling bored, and not getting outside for fresh air. Then these behaviors start to affect their grades and work habits. If your child seems to be affected by the third quarter slump, I will be in contact with you. Let's hope it does not happen!

Please check school supplies. Some students are running out of or missing some supplies. Earbuds/headphones are in a great need by half the class. It is left at home, lost or broken. It is very important that earbuds are left at school, especially when state testing happens in March!

More and more students are coming to school with their Chromebook not charged. Please make sure that it is charged and ready to go every day! This prevents them from completing assignments in class.

AR reading goals have been set for the third quarter. I set pretty reasonable goals for the students to achieve. I want them to love reading books and not just have to do it for a grade. If they are struggling to complete the goal, then they need to figure out why. Are they reading every day? Are they taking too long to read a book? Have they found a series that interests them? I check in with the students to see what they are reading. They just need to speak up! AR goals need to be met by March 15th.

PTO is requesting items or cash donations. If you want to help, Kinnikinnick is requesting 2 Liter bottles of pop or cash. Please have your child turn it in to the office by February 20th. If you also want to volunteer at the Fun Fair, please let me know so I can direct you to where you need to sign up.

February/March Events

Valentine's Day Party will be Thursday, February 14th at 1:30-2:15. For the party, we will be having a valentine box decorating contest. The boxes are to be decorated at home and brought to school on Wednesday, the 13th or Thursday, the 14th. The students will vote for the most creative, most festive, and most unique. Also, the students are to give valentines to all 23 students in our homeroom. If you need a list, I will include the first names of our students at the bottom of this page.

Parent/Teacher Conferences are February 21st and 28th. I will be sending home at the beginning of February a note with your date and time and other preferences. If the time or date does not work, please email me or return the note to let me know as soon as possible.

Reminder: February 22nd we are in session to make up a snow day!

PTO Fun Fair is happening on Feb 22 from 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm.

No School: March 1st and March 4th

Spring Break week: March 25-29th