Your Space



This is your space to get any support or help you need. We encourage all of you to come forward with any concerns, questions or worries that you may have. We are here to educate, help, support and keep you safe. King's students achieve this by following the ASPIRE code:

With this we encourage all our students to work together to make our school a safe space and place to be.

Click here if you're worried about something or someone, if you need to talk, or you just want to let us know about something in school or at home. 

There is ALWAYS help at hand:

Did you know:

The Youth Zone in Warrington has a drop in, where you can talk to someone about how you're feeling?

You don't need to arrange it in advance - just pop in and speak to someone about how you're feeling, your worries or anything that might be bothering you. 

Talk to someone in school

Click here to find out more about your safeguarding and year teams and how to talk to someone in school.

Talk to someone out of school

Click to see what's available to you at any time - weekends, evenings and holidays.

Talk to your parents

Click to get some advice on how to start a conversation at home.

Report online abuse

Click to report online abuse to the police at any time


Click to visit our page that explores mental health

Contact the school nurse

Click here to find out more about Louise our school nurse and how to contact her

Some great downloads from to help you with things you may be struggling with: