Message from our Executive Principal

Welcome to our first ever Federation site. The site is a reflection of our Federated vision of developing collaboration, sharing good practice and providing an excellent balanced education for our children whilst supporting families and developing staff across the 3 schools so that they too reach their full potential.

I am proud to be the Executive Principal of three incredible schools, their staff, pupils, parents and communities each of which offer an incredible range of expertise, similarities, differences and potential. What is the same for all of them however, is our Federated Vision to improve the health, raise the aspirations and develop the diverse communities which together, our schools represent. I genuinely believe that the best chance we have to accomplish these worthy aims is to promote cross-federation collaboration, partnership, resourcing, planning, assessment, challenge and yet protect each school’s own distinct identity.

Depending on how it is understood, curriculum sometimes means everything we do in school: including planning, teaching and learning. Because of this I now want to move away from understanding our current thinking as heading towards a Federated Curriculum. It is not. It is a move towards developing a Federated Topic Timetable. A roadmap for what topics we, as a Federation, teach; road signs for when, as a Federation, we teach them; but crucially allowing the choice of vehicle to remain with the individual schools. How to teach lessons, how to excite the pupils, all the weird and wonderful perspectives which those topics might involve, are down to the experts. The schools, their leaders, teachers, TAs, parents and most of all… the kids!

Recent times have accelerated our desire to blend learning between on-line lessons with the learning taking place in school. We have developed an extensive and high quality on-line provision with the use of Google Classroom, virtual assemblies and online teaching. Engagement remains high and we will continue to develop and improve this blended provision.

The Site will be a link between the federated schools and an area to share expertise and showcase learning. Thanks again for landing here.

Paul Edgerton

Executive Principal

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