Director's Welcome:

Welcome to the Kings County Office of Education Preschools. We are very proud of our history of serving the children of Kings County. It is the mission of Kings COE to create a positive educational environment that fosters life-long learners. We strive to provide the best education to our students. We wish to familiarize parents with our procedures and practices which are included in this handbook. Please take time to read it. If you have other questions, please call KCOE Preschool Office at (559) 589-2536. The Kings County Office of Education provides a safe, caring and academically oriented environment. We are confident that your child will have a quality experience because of the supervision and instruction provided by our outstanding staff.

Rebecca Villa

Program Mission

Kings County Office of Education State Preschools are committed to offer an environment where each child can reach his or her full potential and acquire the desire to become a life-long learner through quality, early learning experiences.

Program Philosophy & Goals:

A well trained staff and an environment which is both stimulating and challenging, will afford all children the opportunity to explore, create and develop their cognitive, physical, social-emotional, and self-regulation skills. Through a balance of quality teacher directed and self-initiated activities, children will develop problem solving techniques as well as critical thinking skills as they build a positive self-image.

Preschool Goals:

  • Children are personally, physically, and socially competent.
  • Children are effective learners.
  • Children show physical and social competence.
  • Children are safe and healthy.
  • Families support their child’s learning and development.
  • Families achieve their goals.

State-Funded Preschool Program:

Our State-Funded Preschool Program is a part-day educational program authorized by the legislature for pre-kindergarten children from low-income families. The program provides supportive services, including parent education, health and nutrition.

The education program for the KCOE State Preschools is based upon the California Department of Education’s Learning Foundations and Preschool Curriculum Frameworks. Curriculum is thematic and aligned with expectations for preschool learning with the state’s kindergarten academic content standards.

Preschool staff work with the community by inviting community members into the classroom to share experiences and by requesting donations of materials.

State-approved snacks/or meals will be provided daily free of cost. Children are encouraged to try a variety of new foods as well as customary food prepared in new ways. We view mealtime as a learning experience for the children. Please inform the preschool office about any food allergies your child has (see Food Allergies section).

All preschool teachers are certified as required by the State of California and instructional aides will be certified as required by the Elementary Secondary Education Act. Additionally, they have completed training programs in First Aid and CPR, and they attend in-service training, both on-site and at various workshops throughout the county and state.

Our Program

Ages of Children Served:

Eligible children turning four years old by September 1st are enrolled first, then children who turn three years old on or before September 1st of the fiscal year in which they are receiving services. A priority is given to four-year- olds.


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Address: 876 East D Street

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