First Grade Infobits

This week we will be culminating our study of Martin Luther and his impact on our lives and on the history of the world. Our Luther Roses Reformed will be on display in the main hallway, a result of our learning about what Martin Luther wanted to convey about the Christian faith and how we understand and interpret the same symbols he used to express our individual faith. This week we will wear Luther Rose temporary tattoos (which can be removed with baby oil) to show our participation in the observance of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

I am sending home the Memory Work books with a schedule for the assignments along with an explanation of the benefits of learning God's Word and the basics of the Christian faith. I will begin checking Memory Work already this week, so get ready to dive into the Bible and Luther's Small Catechism!

The first graders did well at the concert last Thursday. Everyone looked great and behavior was excellent, even though there were a few yawns that could not be held back despite energetic efforts! Thanks to the children and their directors for all the intense work.

We are set for the Fall Harvest party for Tuesday with pumpkin bowling, carving our pumpkin and eating a little healthful meal together before the evening's events at home for Halloween. Ayden's mom will be helping with the activities beginning at 2:00 p.m. We will also be talking about Trick-or-Treating safety that day, as well.

This week the children should be looking at the night sky each evening after dark to observe the moon and record their observations. They may bring this back on Monday of next week. We will continue to record the stages of the moon for about a month as we see the pattern emerge. I'm hoping that they will find enjoyment in looking at this aspect of God's wonderful creation and continue to marvel at the beauty of the night sky throughout their lives. What an awesome God we have!!

I am looking forward to our conversations at the parent/teacher conference times following the first quarter. The children will have Friday off as the schedule allows for those conferences which take place during the day. Thanks to all who have signed up!

I would like to encourage you to put November 9th on your calendar for the Pot-luck Supper and hangout time to help build the King of Kings community. We have an incredible school with wonderful families, and we are thankful that the church community here has embraced the students and their families that have committed to us their Christian education. Look for the details in the special e-mails, the posters, and in the school weekly newsletter.

In November we will begin our Book It program sponsored by Pizza Hut. Look for the calendar for November and information to come home this week. The goal is to read ten minutes each day at home. We will be tracking our class totals each month and trying to read more and more as the months go by. I want each child to bring back the calendar at the end of the month with the record of his or her reading. Each child who reaches the goal of two hundred minutes for the month will receive a coupon for a free personal pan pizza! Sounds good to me!!

Speaking of reading, Mrs. Gjelhaug will be helping the class with the Scholastic Book Club orders beginning in November, too. I will send home the flyers for November with the class code, and any orders placed before November 20 will help the class earn points for free classroom books.

Mrs. Rohwer will be filling in for me the first few days of next week while I have the lithotripsy on Monday, November 6, to target my kidney stone. I was told that I might be back at work on Thursday of that week, if all goes well. Thank you for your prayers in my behalf. I can't wait to have this procedure effectively finish this most recent bout with pain....