Strategic Investments in financial instruments and promising ventures.

Company objectives

Quite simply, the maximization of long term gains for the owners, employees and those we do business with.

Current focus

After several successful investments in wholly owned and partnered ventures we are seeking opportunities in ventures with proof of concept.

Can we do business?

Let us find out. Please email us with your proposals and business plans. We will get back to you rapidly with a clear answer.

Why do business with us?

We will bring patient capital to support ventures and lend a steady hand in the management of the enterprise while giving maximum freedom to the entrepreneur.

Of course, the business transaction needs to be to the benefit of both parties.

Areas of interest

While we are actively seeking opportunities in the following areas, we will look at every viable opportunity.

Education Services

As investors in pre-schools and primary schools in Canada, UAE & India, we believe that we have a unique understanding of "for profit" education enterprises.

We are seeking opportunities to extend our branded education services and to acquire others, all the way from Nursery to K-12, to College and Vocational Training centers.

Niche Manufacturing

We believe that the future of business will lie in ultra fast niche manufacturing services.

Whether it be 3D printing or fast turnaround or mobile manufacturing, we have allocated funds for proven concepts with committed and competent management.

Future Technologies

New, better way of doing things, is upon us. From automation in the financial industry, the shop floor or the home, there are many small companies today that will be winners tomorrow.

We wish to participate in the success of talented and committed groups of individuals.