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Tulum is the best place to disconnect from the outside world and reconnect with yourself. Thus we have designed special body and face treatments inspired by the magic of the jungle at @thehealingspot.Tulum.


We have daily yoga lessons from 9:00 am to 10:00 am.

Private lessons are also available upon request.

Time: 60 min. $ 15.00 USD


Leave all strain and stress of the city behind. Free your mind through enveloping movements. Your body will inmediately reach a state of complete relaxation, easing your access into our Copal experience.

Time: 60 min. $ 90.00 USD
Time: 90 min. $ 150.00 USD


This strong pressure intensity protocol is designed to decrease fatigue and accumulated muscle tension. All stress points of the body are stimulated so, little by little, and thanks to the power of our natural oils, our therapist will untie your physical and mental stiffness.

Time: 60 min. $ 100.00 USD
Time: 90 min. $ 160.00 USD


The Healing Spot will be booked only for you to experience the 60 minutes therapy you love. Besides, enjoy a delicious bath in our hot tub accompanied by a bottle of Champagne.

$ 300.00 USD
*You can also complete your ritual with a Mayan energy cleansing. It will be made with Copal, local herbs and instrumental & traditional chants (50 USD).



Pamper, purify and bring youth to the face. First a cleanse is carried out by a soft exfoliation, then an activated natural mud mask is applied. While the product works the therapist will drain arms, legs and feet with a deep massage. The second step is the application of manual suction cups that have detoxifying, anti-aging and illuminated properties. To finish the therapy a professional galvanic face device will go over all the face and neck. Although it is flash, its a treatment with a botox like effect and will give your body a float up sensation.

Time: 80 min. $120.00 USD



A ritual designed to align the body, reposition the vertebrae, relax muscle tension, work on bone structures and recharge your internal battery level. It is an intense massage carried out by a local healer ideal for treating chronic pain, deep contractures and some injuries.

Time: 90 min. $ 220.00 USD


Designed for pregnant women, a massage made by delicate movements, given special focus on your back and legs. In addition, our therapist applies the ideal dose of natural (non-essential) oil to nourish your skin.

Time: 60 min. $ 100.00 USD
Time: 90 min. $ 160.00 USD

*If your purpose is to get pregnant, contact our spa manager whom will advise on specific therapies.


Experience a therapeutic treatment, based on a method that works the whole body by pressing specific points of the foot. After the massage our specialist will advice on what she has felt and will show you how to heal once you are at home.
Time: 90 min. $ 150.00 USD


It is a psyco-body therapy carried out in the water, in one of our pools. During the treatment the therapist performs smooth and rhythmic performs smooth and rhythmic movements, which in combination with the lack of gravity and guided breathing will take you to a state of deep relaxation. Even similar to what babies feel in the womb.

Time: 90 min. $ 220.00 USD



Is a type of low heat sweat lodge originated in Mexico by ancestral indigenous people, used in the traditional medicine as part of a curative ceremony to purify the body. A pit is located in the center of the structure heats volcanic stones as well as aromatic herbs. The temazcal takes place in unique spaces outside Copal Tulum Hotel and guided by experienced and qualified masters.

You can choose to do it in community (minimum donation $ 30.00 USD)
As all the benefits are aimed to literate local children or to book it privately (from $ 510.00 USD)

Mexican Rebozo

A rebozo is a long flat garment used, among other things, to align the body and work postural contractures. The ritual begins with a cleanse made with copal, inciense, medicinal herbs and traditional music instruments. After the cleanse, the therapist uses the rebozo to work your internal and physical locks and finishes with a deep tissue massage.

Time: 90 min. $ 200.00 USD

Sobada Maya

This slow, deep and penetrating massage is focused on the stomach, where most of the emotions are settled. The term sobada refers to a technique that wipes blockages, muscle spams, contractions and misplacements in strategic points of the whole body. It's a hard therapy that rounds up with a cranioencephalic recovery to calm your mind and body with all the benefits of the deep effect.

Time: 80 min. $ 200.00 USD

Sound healing & Touch

This healing ritual helps to release physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blockages. The session is a combination of intuitive healing touch, channeled sound healing, breathwork and aromatherapy. The sweet voice of our curer vibrates through your tissues to release blockages and invite more calm, peace, light and love in the system.

Time: 90 min. $ 150.00 USD


Our Bee Venom is anaphylactic, that temporarily relax facial muscles, its lifting effect on the skin is smoother and more durable than injectables. Breaking down cell membranes and improving circulation, stimulates elastin growth which can create firmer, smoother facial lines. It also plumps and tightens your skin, reducing wrinkles' appearance. Bee Venom is applied with an ASFT technique, which avoids making injections because we prepare an active solution at the time of application.

Price: $ 230. 00 USD


Spa Manicure

$ 40.00 USD

Gel Manicure

$ 70.00 USD

Spa Pedicure

$ 60.00 USD

Gel Pedicure

$ 80.00 USD

Gel Removal

$ 15.00 USD

Gel application

$ 30.00 USD

Acrylic Nails (from)

$ 50.00 USD

Hair Feather Extensions

$ 25.00 USD

Braids (from)

$ 30.00 USD

Wax Price (from)

$ 55.00 USD

*Other beauty treatments like make up and hair styling are also available upon request.



All reservations shall be made in advance at the front desk or on WhatsApp with the Spa Manager; Paola.

+52 984 156 27 50


Cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice will be fully charged during your check-out. Regarding the rituals that take place outside of Copal Tulum Hotel, the charge will be made in accordance with our partners cancellation policy.