See What Makes Our Preschool Unique

STEAM Learning

Our preschoolers explore science ( bugs and insects, color mixing, animals, the solar system) Math, The Arts and learn daily life skills.

Daily Routine

Each week’s lesson plan is presented in different ways, utilizing many different media. In this way, it stays fresh, meets all children’s learning styles and reinforces previously learned concepts.

KidsPark Classroom

We expect young kids to fidget, so we give them plenty of opportunites to move. Learning takes place by exploring, moving and doing!

Create Your Schedule

You pick the days you attend, pay-as-you-go and no additional preschool enrollment fee.

KidsPark Preschool Overview

An overview of our unique and interactive program where kids develop important school readiness skills.

Preschool vs. Hourly Care?

What's the difference between our preschool program and hourly care ?


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