Ages 4-8

This fast paced, fun class focuses on building life skills using the Excellent Kids program designed by two of the World's leading child martial arts instructors.

Jiéhé Zhìhui Kung Fu

Ages 8 and up

Created on the philosophies of Bruce Lee, Combined Wisdom uses efficiency of motion and maximizes the potential of it's practitioners

Traditional Taekwon Do

Ages 8 and up

An exciting, rapidly moving class that teaches self defense, fitness and so much more!

Easy Schedule Fit. Basic Classes 2 Nights a Week!

You can also step it up by adding an advanced class after a couple belts for more martial art awesomeness!


So do we! We understand that you may need to take a month or 3 off for a sport season. No worries, with our time guarantee you never lose out on the months you miss.

I'm ready to start my journey in martial arts!

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Awesome, Active and Fun Birthday Parties for the Kids and Parents or Just the Kids. Your Choice!

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