Ms. Weera's Homepage

Welcome to Ms. Weera's homepage. This page will provide information for students and their parents in:

    • Homeroom 7A
    • Language Arts 7 & 9
    • Social Studies 7, 8 & 9
    • Film Studies
    • Creative Writing and,
    • Me to We

Dear Students:

Our classroom this year will be a democratic classroom. This means that you will be given choices, participate in making decisions, and have your voices heard. So this can happen, respect is key, and there are three simple rules to follow:

  1. Respect yourself: You are expected to strive for academic excellence, take risks, and most importantly, make mistakes and learn from them.
  2. Respect others: You are expected to work together with other students, listen to each other, and be aware of other’s feelings.
  3. Respect the environment: You are expected to keep the classroom clean, take care of your belongings, and school resources.

Dear Parents:

I am looking forward to getting to know you and supporting your children reach their potential. Please use this site to learn more about what your child is working on and please do not hesitate to contact me at