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Welcome Back

Dear Parent (s) and Guardian (s) of students in Grade Five,

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year at Khalsa School, with a special welcome to those who are new to our school. It is the intention of the entire school community to make grade five a rewarding and memorable experience. We are looking forward to a wonderful school year ahead!

In order for you to know me better here is a little bit about my background. I have taught for 10 years and spent 7 of those teaching at Khalsa School. While I currently instruct Math and Science I have at one point taught Language Arts, Social, and Physical Education. I have coached several teams here at the school including volleyball, basketball, and shotput.

Over the course of this school year I will be teaching our students math and science. I would encourage you to talk to our other grade five teacher Nicholas Berry

regarding any questions concerning Language Arts or Social Studies.

This year in Science we will be studying electricity, chemistry, weather, and wetlands. In Math we will cover motion geometry, statistics, probability, measurement, area and volume, patterns, place value, multiplication, division, addition and subtraction.

Remember that those students who signed up and paid for the schools camping trip will be participating in this activity on Tuesday September 4 and Wednesday September 5.

The month of September is dedicated to the habit of being proactive. The values of this habit centre on taking personal responsibility for our own actions and not looking for excuses. This habit will serve our students well during this upcoming year by reinforcing the importance that everyone is responsible for their own success.

Open communication between home and school is vital to each student’s success. We will be communicating with you on a regular basis through classroom newsletters containing information on academic and social events as well as through daily communication via your child’s planner. Please initial your child’s planner each evening and have your child return it to school each day. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s progress over the course of the year, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We have found that email communication has been the most efficient way to respond to any questions or concerns that may arise. You will find my email addresses on every newsletter sent. If email is not possible, you may call us at the school and we can set up an appointment if necessary. In addition, each grade will have a website that will be updated daily. This site will contain important dates as well as homework and assignment information. This site will also provide you with an additional way to communicate with me and the school. Finally, this year our students will be using a web site called class craft and another called prodigy. This site has multiple functions including study resources, behaviour management, as well as communication. Parents, students and teachers will have access to this site and are encouraged to participate. Login information will be sent home with your children.

I look forward to getting to know you better. Please do not hesitate to contact me, preferably by email, if you have any questions, or by phone.

Phone: 403-293-7712 (Ext. 286 )


Math Challenge

Jenn and Gregg have both agreed to mow half of a lawn. This lawn is a 
rectangle, 25 feet by 45 feet. Their lawn mower cuts a 2 feet wide 
path. If Jenn starts at a corner and makes a path around the outside,
on what lap will she have cut one half of the lawn?