Upper Body Mobility

Our upper Body will talk about a few key points. Thoracic Spine, Shoulders, Scapula, Latissimus Dorsi & Trapezius. I will have the videos in order to view to have the best results for general population.

We need to clear the T-Spine in order to have full control of our movement. The spine is a major contributor to our quality of movement. In other words when our spine gets tight everything else gets tight. We should be able to perform a somersault just like when we were a young kid running in the field. But we wonder we bending down is tough as we age and then our knee hurts or a L4 or L5 flare up.

This is a distraction tactic for our shoulder.

Thank you for looking into these 4 principles. Please email me if you like to learn more or have questions kflanagan@kf-athletics.com