Lower Body Mobility

The goal for this page is to highlight we need to keep our lower body stable and perform X ranges of positions. We will break down the squat first then look at your internal and external hip rotation then we will look at your quads & Knees.

We need to look at your squat. Your back needs to be straight and hips and shoulders in a stable position. I test this by using a pole for stability to determine if you have nothing wrong or an issue with mobility or stability.

Your hips need to rotate internally and externally for proper hip rotation and any athletic sport. If we sit for a long time are hips get use to a certain amount of rotation.. None to very little, then you play golf on the weekends and instead of turning your back to the target you sway and slide and hope the timing of your hands produce a good ball flight. Or when you do lawn work and hope you do not have to bend over after you cut the lawn from pure exhaustion.

If your quads are tight they can limit your ability to produce power! and possibly cause lower back pain by forcing your hips to tilt anterior.

Your knee is a hinge joint and needs to be stabilized by the Hip and the arch of the foot. With that knowledge of creating a "stable joint" you should be able to use those joints they were intended for.

Your Shin needs to have muscle to allow the ankle to move properly. When we have shin splints and other muscle injuries we can look at the front medial section of the shin. That is the front of the shin and just to the side of the bone.

Your calfs are the next area where we can unglue to restore your gate or squatting mechanics.

This digs into the side of the shin bone. This will allow you to have more planter and dorsi flexion in the foot

Your ankle also can be taped to enhance its movement. This will improve ankle dorsiflexion & squatting mechanics.

We will now hit the arch of the foot. we look at the foot for balance and transfer of pressure in any sport. To ensure we develop the most power we need our feet to have a high degree of skill in regards to our nervous system and overall balance.

Out toes will also help us with balance when they are spread out and have the move independently.

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