Become an Athlete

These videos are what we use to describe how we educate our athletes! follow along and if you have any questions please email me at

Video No.1

This breaks down how we want to Mobilize (not stretch) . Mobilizing helps the muscle and tissue get to proper length and inefficient the particular position, where strength just pulls on the muscle and then muscle snaps right back into place. So our body molds into the position we spend the most time in so it will take time to get out of those movement patterns.

Video No.2

The 2 hand rule goes with our first principle here at KF Athletics which is Spine First. The 2 hand rule really a basic test of midline stability. Now your task is to first feel all your abs on the ground. Now that you felt them all turn on. do the 2 hand rule with all of your movement for one week. Do you loose your spine when you pick up dog food, or sit in a chair, drive in a car. These are the positions we need to fight!

Video No.3

This highlights some basic exercises we should do everyday. Find your baseline number and continue to build up the time in each position.

Video No. 4

This covers our overhead position. We should all be able to accomplish this task. So click here to move to our subpage.

Video No. 5

This explains our lower body squat and faults. So click the subpage to watch and check off your squat pattern

Video No. 6

This breaks down our hip hinge pattern. This is to continue a long happy pain free life.

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