Daniel's April Art

April 2020...

That was Daniel's art from April, 2020 when we had just left Jersey City because of the Coronavirus and headed out to Grandma & Grandad's house in Montville. (They were in Spain with DD, Jesus, Felix and Leo.) Daniel and Dad would get up every morning and do drawing competitions! We were very much into Scooby and the gang and Scooby Doo series villains - Daniel even made lots of Scooby Doo series villains costumes!! Here are some:

Miner '49er

Spooky Space Cook

Charlie the Robot


Captain Cutler

and many more...

... and April 2021:

Fast forward to April 2021: We're back in Jersey City, but moved to a house on Lincoln Park. We're all still wearing masks, Daniel's been back in school but Dad's still home. Daniel's now into Transformers and likes spending free time at school and home drawing Transformers Beast Wars characters/scenes playing out on cliffs (but still the occasional Scooby Doo, and getting into Pokemon too):

In the morning and after school, it's fun to go through a few bins of small LEGO parts to assemble home-made "micro-changer" Transformers - here are some recent ones, and how they transform: