Mira Monte High School Counseling Department

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year!

We may not be starting off the year as we hoped, but want you to know that we are (virtually) here to help. Remember that you are assigned to a counselor based on your LAST name. Please find your counselor below and select their email if you are requesting a schedule change or if you are simply trying to contact your counselor. Parents/ guardians can also use this link.

If you are requesting a schedule change, please specify what class(es) you are requesting. Check out our list of electives HERE.

*Keep in mind that the the beginning of the school year is extremely busy for us and it may take up to 2 weeks for your counselor to address your concern (via email). Most classes have limited spots and we may not be able to accommodate your request, but we will try our best. Thank you for your patience!

A- Co

Mr. Moran



Cp- G

Mrs. Sepulveda



H- Mi

Ms. Serrato



Mj- Rod

Mr. Gochez



Roe- Z

Mrs. Malley- Ault



9th Grade Support and APEX

Mrs. Sorena



Head Counselor and Intervention

Mrs. Garcia



CSF Qualifying Members: Spring 2020

CSF questions? Email Ms. Serrato, CSF advisor: esther_serrato@kernhigh.org

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Stay Connected!

Join us on Google Classroom for updates according to your grade level:

Class of 2021 Senior MMHS Counseling Classroom code: nanmnzu

Class of 2022 Junior MMHS Counseling Classroom code: dwvptmj

Class of 2023 Sophomore MMHS Counseling Classroom code: zrp2ui7

Class of 2024 Freshman MMHS Counseling Classroom code: 6pul5ed

Mr. Moran's students (last name A-Co) can communicate and receive messages through the Remind app:

Class of 2024 (Freshmen)- Send a text To: 81010

Text this message (access code) @9934hk

Class of 2023 (Sophomores)-Send a text To: 81010

Text this message (access code) @88k8793

Class of 2020 (Juniors)-Send a text To: 81010

Text this message (access code) @g42hk7

Class of 2021 (Seniors)- Send a text To: 81010

Text this message (access code) @b8326b