Kern Tech Fest 2019 Guide

Saturday, October 12, 2019, 8:00-3:30 pm

Kern Tech Fest

2019 Sponsors

1. Get Wifi

Connect to the Guest Wifi Network at Standard School

Use Sched for

- Viewing the schedule

- Finding sessions

- Presenter resources

- Event Map

- Check out this guide to Sched by Jennifer Scott -------->

3. Sign up for Remind

Due to Remind changing their text features, we have a new process for getting Kerncue updates through the app. Enter this number in your Remind Account depending on your last name:

(If you registered for our old Remind account then please update to the new options below)

A-H use code @ahkerncue

I-P use code @IPkerncue

Q-Z use code @QZkerncue

4. Vendor Raffle Ticket Opportunity!

Vendor Raffle (1).pdf

5. Share on social Media!

#kerncue @kerncue

5. Find your next session