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"What is an Inquiry Guide?"

Great question! "Guided Inquiry is an innovative team approach to teaching and learning where teachers and school librarians, with other experts and specialists, join together to design and implement inquiry learning. It engages children in constructing personal knowledge while using a wide range of sources of information and creatively sharing their learning their fellow students in an inquiry community. Guided Inquiry Design is grounded in the research of the Information Search Process (ISP) that describes students’ process of learning from a variety of information sources in extensive research projects. The ISP research goes inside the inquiry process to reveal ways to guide students in deep engaging learning" (Kuhlthau, 2019).

Legacies Project

This inquiry guide was created for students in Mr. Muston's 9th grade Comp course. Students researched legacies for their research paper; this inquiry guide can be a great starting resource for students for future projects.

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