Summit View Academy Royals

8th Grade Social Studies

(U.S. History)

Mr. Dorning (Team Apollo)

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Welcome to the Summit View Academy, 8th grade, Social Studies Google Site. In the 8th grade at Summit View we teach about U.S. History from the early Native American Period, through post-Civil War Reconstruction. Topics that we discuss in class, include: Native American Cultural Regions, European Exploration of the Americas, English Colonization, American Revolution, Constitution/Bill of Rights, the Rise of Democracy, Westward Expansion, Reformation Movement, Civil War, and the Reconstruction period.

In Social Studies, you will see a mix of many different teaching/learning strategies from individual work with reading and researching, to paired and group tasks where students will create presentations, songs, poems, cartoons, role-playing performances, and other tangible creations. We will also learn how to debate, and then argue many different historical and modern day issues. When learning about the past, it's also important to be able to relate previous events to modern times, so we will also incorporate current events into our classrooms. Additional classroom activities to consider are our historical films/documentaries that lay out our nations past-time, 2 historical essays, cross-team classroom collaboration, use of Google Chromebooks and other technologies, and many more engaging lessons and activities.

As a teacher, I believe in being enthusiastic, humorous, and motivational, so my classroom will be powerful and engaging a large percentage of the time.

"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says Im Possible."