Kent Athletics

Kent Athletic Director: Ryan Palmer -

Students participating in the Kent After School Sports Program must have a signed permission slip on file, maintain a 2.0 GPA, and be a student in good disciplinary standing.

After School Athletics Permission Form and Agreement

Kent Athletic Coaches

Kent Middle School's after school athletic programs depend on the commitment of volunteer coaches. If you are interested in coaching an after school team, please contact Kent Athletic Director: Ryan Palmer,, and complete the volunteer packet (available soon), but can be alternatively found by contacting Mari Dannecker at the Kent District Office (

Fall Athletics


5th through 8th Grades | Co-Ed

6th, 7th and 8th graders compete in meets sponsored by the Marin County Office of Education. A typical season includes 3 meets a year in September and October. Runners usually practice 2 days a week, immediately after school.

5th graders compete in independently organized meets, once a year. Runners usually practice 2 days a week, immediately after school. Season begins early September and runs through mid-October.

Flag Football

6th through 8th Grade | Co-Ed

The season begins in early September and runs through early November. The team usually practices two days a week immediately after school, and plays five or six games. During weeks when games are scheduled, there may be only one practice. There is no formal league and games are arranged with cooperating schools.


6th-8th Grade | Girls (one team per grade)

Practices begin in September, with games beginning in late September and going through October. The league is administered by coaches at Davidson Middle School, where most games are played. Teams usually practice one or two days per week immediately after school, or practice one day and play a game the other day. Some divisions may hold playoffs at the end of regular season. If more players sign up at a given grade level than can be accommodated on one team, a competitive tryout may be necessary.

Winter Athletics


6th-8th Grade | Boys and Girls (one team each per grade/gender)

Basketball tryouts are typically held in late November. The team size is limited to 12-15 players (more at coach's discretion). Teams usually practice twice a week, and play one game per week during regular season, which lasts from January to mid-March. The Marin County Middle School League is administered by coaches from cooperating schools, and playoffs and championships are held at the end of the season.

Spring Athletics

Track and Field

6th through 8th Grades | Co-Ed

Track season begins in late March and ends in early May. 6th-8th graders compete in meets sponsored by the Marin County Office of Education, usually the last Friday in April (District Meet) and first Friday in May (County Meet). The Kent Track Club practices twice a week after school; in addition, athletes who do score well during the track unit of Physical Education may be offered a spot on the team for the meets. Participation in the Track Championship meet is earned by a top-5 (top 2 in sprints and relays) finish at the Preliminary meet.


5th through 8th grades | Co-Ed

Kent Golf is available to grades 5-8 and is open to both boys and girls. It runs from February to May (Spring). There is one practice per week and one match per week at McInnis Golf Center in San Rafael. Kent competes against other middle schools teams from Marin County.