SaturdaY, June 15, 2019

Helpful Instructional Videos

What To Bring

Your dancer should be dressed and ready to go on stage upon arrival - with the exception of dance shoes. They are encouraged to bring a bottle of water. Because all shows are 60 minutes or less, that should be all that is needed other than recital costumes and shoes.

Before Recital Procedures

  • All students need to arrive in FULL costume, hair, makeup, tights or socks
  • Students must arrive 45 minutes before their recital time
  • Students in classes ages 3-6 as well as all level 1 classes will be dropped off to their classes Parent-in-Charge volunteer
  • Parent-in-Charge volunteers will be checking students in, remaining with them the entire performance, and checking them out after the show
  • Please only send your child with things that can be thrown away
  • Level 2-5 students and teen students will be dropped off at their assigned dressing room
  • Level 6 and 7 students will have their own designated area in the backstage hallway for changing
  • Students with quick changes MUST drop off changes to the quick change area

During Recital Procedures

  • Dancers may not be picked up during the performance
  • Dancers will be under the supervision of staff and volunteers throughout the duration of the show
  • We will be playing a live feed of the recital backstage for the students
  • We also provide crayons, coloring pages and puzzles to keep them entertained while they are waiting

After Recital Procedures

  • ALL students will participate in the Grand Finale
  • Level 1 and below students will be picked up on either the Auditorium Left or Right side of the stage after the Grand Finale
  • These students will need to be signed out with their Parent-in-charge volunteer
  • Level 2-5 students and our teen classes will be picked up in the dressing rooms