Sixth form at KCA

What our current sixth form students say

Ellie Mai- You learn things that are more in depth than at GCSE in subjects that you have a genuine interest in

Jessica- It is easier to focus as you are doing less subjects that you really enjoy

Melody- We are given more responsibility as sixth formers and are treated like adults.

Jaya- I enjoy finance because it covers things I need to know as an adult in the real world like loans and mortgages.

George- The subjects are more enjoyable as you pick them to specialise in.

Olivia: There is a lot of content to learn compared to GCSE's so you need to pay attention for the whole lesson. It's a big step up!

Ewan: The teachers are nice and supportive in getting the best out of us.

Elijah: Free periods allow me time to complete work in the library.

Jennifer: There are small class sizes so you almost get 1 to 1 teaching.

Amandeep- It is more relaxed so you can focus easier in your lessons

Hannah- I like politics because it gives me a chance to debate my point of view on current news and political policies

Perez- You become more mature in the sixth form as you realise the subjects you specialise in will shape your future so you automatically concentrate more in these lessons, I enjoy the challenge.

Sixth form entry requirements

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