Facilities Planning Committee Members

Sid Armstrong, Gina Doerschel, Sue Finlay, Frank Durham, Darcy Furlin, Patty Hoeck, Karen Hulstrum, Art Krulitz, Emilee Kulin, Ira Kulin, Josh McDonald, Jim Miller, Dennis Norris, Michele Rauenhorst, Jessie Sager, Bob Stovern, Stephanie Swainston, Valerie Wade, Tisha Whatcott, Linda Yergler

Bond Cost Summary

Please see explanation of each table below...

What will this bond fund?

Pinehurst Elementary School

49,471 Square Feet

Built in 1954 with additions 1956

Average enrollment 450

Canyon Elementary School

13,700 Square Feet

Built in 1954 with additions 1968 & 1976

Average enrollment 71

Kellogg Middle School

40,400 Square Feet

Built in 1999

Average enrollment 262

Kellogg High School

90,533 Square Feet

Built in 1957 with additions 1963 & 1999

Average enrollment 300

KSD Admin Annex

79,900 Square Feet

Built in 1970 with additions 1980

Average enrollment 24

Houses SPED & IT Dept.

Bond Cost Summary Explanation

Table 1A: After careful consideration of several scenarios, the school board approved a request for $7.9 million over 12 years. Currently, there is still a bond debt from a 10 year bond passed in 2006. That debt will continue to be paid while the new bond will increase that debt for the next 7 years. This is referred to as wrapping the debt and in the last five years of this 12 year bond, the majority of the 2019 bond will be paid.

Table 1B: Currently, the cost of the 2006 bond is $161/year per $100,000 assessed value on average. The proposed 2019 bond would increase that cost on average to $214/year per $100,00 assessed value, $89 of which is the 2006 bond debt and $125 of which is the proposed bond debt.

Table 2: The increase to homeowners would be approximately $53/year if the proposed bond passes. This is approximately $4.41/month, just over $1/week or about $0.15/day.

Table 3: As mentioned in tables 1A and 1B, the average cost increase if the proposed bond passes is $125 per $100,000 of taxable value. This disclosure is required by HB 626. This average includes all taxpayers, business, rental properties, vacation homes and residential homes , it does not accurately reflect the average cost per taxpayer since on average business's, rental properties and vacation homes are assessed at a higher taxable value than homeowners that have the option of homeowner's exemptions and circuit breaker reductions.

Full Facilities Committee Recommendations List for 2019 Bond

FC Bond Recommendations