Due to weather conditions in our area, the Kearsarge Regional School District, including the James House Preschool, will be closed Tuesday, December 12. It will be Blizzard Bag Day 2 for Kearsarge Students and Staff.

Thank you so much to our wonderful "Artist-in-Residence", Lizz Van Saun, for an amazing week and our beautiful mosaic!

Student Mission Statement

(Created by the students at the Sutton Central School in September 2002)

I am a Sutton Central School student. It is my job to learn, to be a respectful

member of the school community, and to prepare for my future. It is my

responsibility to take care of myself.


Sutton Central Elementary School

28 Newbury Road

Sutton Mills, NH

Phone: 603.927.4215

Fax: 603.927.4055

School Hours: 8:05 am - 2:15 pm

Accessibility Statement: Should an individual have any disability or handicap that causes them difficulty in accessing information provided through the webpage, please contact the school office for assistance. (603) 927-4215