KRSD Technology Integration

Image in the header was taken by me on Appledore Island during the 2016 Marine Science for Teachers program.

Laurie Prewandowski


Phone: (603) 927-2138

Best way to reach me is via email

Mailing Address:


32 Gile Pond Road

North Sutton, NH 03260

Image of Laurie Prewandowski

Hi, I am Laurie Prewandowski. I am one of the technology integrators for the Kearsarge Regional School District. I have been a Google Certified Trainer since June 2015. I am a Level 2 Google Certified Educator and an AppsEvent Certified Admin Level 2.

Here is a basic outline of my position.

I. ICT & Tech Support

A. ICT Lesson Planning

B. K-8 Digital Portfolio Coordinator

C. Library/Media ICT Integration Support

D. K-12 Special Ed. Support & Training

E. Special Projects (Blizzard Bag & Volume Purchase Programs)

II. Professional Development

A. Summer Institute

B. 2 Hour PD Sessions

C. Choice Time Sessions

D. Just in Time Training

E. New Teacher Orientation

III. Teacher Website Duties

A. Provide Training

B. Assist Linking Teacher Site to Building Site

The Missing Link Website button found below will link to an online series of technology lessons that can be used by district employees for Professional Development hours or for Choice Time hours. Paraprofessionals can use this website on Blizzard Bag days and submit hours on their timesheet with prior approval from their administrator. This website was an Incentive Team Project completed during the 2017-2018 school year by Hilary Grimes and Laurie Prewandowski. The website is being continually updated to reflect changes in the tools and toolbars of some of the products showcased in the lessons.

The KRSD Technology Base Website button found below is a work in progress based on my district goal for the 2018-2019 school year. Please note that only Kearsarge employees will be able to access files linked on this website as it contains sensitive password information in some circumstances. Please do not share these files beyond the district boundaries. Thank you.

KRSD Strategic Plan


I am including Goal 3 of the KRSD Strategic Plan on my website as it is the foundation of my role in the district.

Goal 3:

KRSD will, through effective integration and utilization employ technology to improve student learning and communication.

* Review all technology applications across the district for ADA compliance, make adjustments as needed, and provide recommendations for necessary changes

* Implement the district website re-design

* Deploy technology resources and staff effectively across the district. Review organizational chart, roles and responsibilities, and work force distribution for efficiency and effectiveness.

* Conduct a needs assessment pertaining to effective teacher use of technology.*

* Plan, design, and implement server upgrade/maintenance

ThingLink VR Lesson showcased on ThingLink webinar on Feb. 20, 2017.