Mrs.Keller's Senior Religion Class and Mrs. Griffin's Government Class

Complex Project Question:

How can people living in poverty in Brooklyn or South Africa get the help they need?

Research Questions:

What is being done in our local communities in Brooklyn and in South Africa to meet the needs of the poor?

What are government agencies and the Catholic Church's responsibility in meeting these needs?

Project Details:

  • Groups will be between 3 and 5 students. Your group should be in both class sections. It may be difficult to work with students in different sections.
  • We will split into groups that will focus on documenting the charities we contribute to ( for example, the Thanksgiving Food Drive, Christmas Appeal, and Bread and Soup day). We will also research our individual churches and communities to see other ways to reach out to the poor.
  • You may visit local food banks or report on community board meeting. You may look at look at your own local church to see what happens. We will follow our donations to see where they end up.

End Goal:

to produce several short videos (5 minutes or less) that may be aired on WBKS informing people of services that can help them

Background Information on Poverty in the U.S. and South Africa

Resources on Government Agencies Helping the Poor of Brooklyn

Resources on Ways the Catholic Church Helps the Poor of Brooklyn/New York

(Note: The Diocese of Brooklyn also includes Queens. Any organization below with a Queens address, also serves Brooklyn.)

Resources on Ways the Catholic Church Helps the Poor of South Africa