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Ms. Ann Quinlivan (Miss Q)

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Welcome to Bishop Kearney High School Library Website!

This Website offers links to resources (articles, videos, and interactive activities) that may help students better understand the topics they are covering in school. I hope that you find them helpful! Please note that a few of the activities listed may require Flash and therefore may not work on a tablet or phone.

If you come across any online resources that you feel would be helpful to our students, please let me know and I will publish them on our Library Website. Please also let me know if you are having trouble finding resources, either print or online, on any particular topic. I'm here to help!

--Ms. Quinlivan

Library Mission Statement: The Bishop Kearney School Library is dedicated to helping students become independent readers, thinkers, and researchers, encouraging a genuine and lifelong love of reading, and fostering the 21st Century information literacy skills that students will need to be productive and successful members of society. Our students will be able to access, evaluate, and use information effectively and to utilize the inquiry process (connect, wonder, investigate, construct, express, reflect) in all areas of the curriculum, as well as for their own personal information needs. We are also dedicated to helping our students achieve global perspectives and reinforce their commitment to "Cherish Justice" through an understanding of the many issues facing the world around them.

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Please email me at with any suggestions that you may have to help make our Library better! I want to hear ideas on new books we should order, how to arrange/display books in a more interesting way, things you would like to see happen in the Library after school--any ideas at all! Remember that we also have a "Wish List" for Library books in the Library. Please come and add to it!