Ms. Daniello

Plastics Project Essential Question: How can we create plastics chemically?


To research plastic, use the database below. Databases normally cost money, but you can access these (and a few others) for free from our Library Website.

The best database for this project is:

Click on the link below, and then click on "Use My Location". You can then access the database without a Username or Password from any location within New York State.

Once you are in the database, create a free personal account to save, organize, and annotate your favorite content and media. Then search for PLASTIC.

You'll get a suggestion for plastic (chemical compound). Click it and start reading!

Note: You can change the Reading Level on the article. The first article that you'll get is at Reading Level 3. You can change it to Level 2 and even Level 1 to help you better understand the complicated concepts being presented.

If you still need additional information, you may use a Website that you find on your own. However, you are responsible for making sure that the site is completely reliable.

The First Thing You Should Do to Check If a Website is Valid:

Click on the "About Us" section of the Website!

  • This section is usually located at the very bottom (or sometimes along the top or side) of the page. Reliable publishers should have an "About Us" section. Read up on the author or publisher and make sure that this is a legitimate source of information written and/or published by experts. For example, and article about burns should be written by a doctor or scientist.
  • If you can't find an "About Us" section, be suspicious. Google the name of the author and/or publisher to check up on them.
  • If you still aren't sure, check with Ms. Quinlivan or one of your teachers. If you use a Website that is not reliable and use incorrect information, you are entirely responsible because you didn't check to make sure it was reliable. You will end up losing a lot of points, so please check out your sources before you use them!

For more ways to check if a Website is a valid resource, please see the Digital Citizenship page of this Website.