DLS April 4 at Kean

NAAB Auditorium

Welcome to CRA-W DLS with NJ WomenInComputing at Kean NAAB Auditorium.

If you are not a student or presenter, please register for the event at: (Closed)

CRA-W Distinguished Lecture and NJ Women In Computing Program April 4, 2018:

  • 2:15 – 2:30 Opening remarks (Kean Leadership)
  • 2:30 – 3:30 Keynote Speaker I: Dr. Margaret Burnett (Professor, Oregon State University) -- Human Computer Interface
  • 3:30—4:00 NJ Women In Computing (WIC) group and panel to encourage the career interests of women in computing
    • Monica Heller, Senior Quality Assurance Manager, Prosperity Life Insurance Group
    • Leslie Foladare, System Administrator/Data Analyst, State of New Jersey
    • Phyllis Weiss, Director Inventive Science , AT&T Research
  • 4:00—5:00 Keynote Speaker II: Dr. Rebecca Wright (Professor, Head of DIMACS) -- Cyber Security
  • 5:00—5:30 Check in for NCWIT Aspirations In Computing event
  • 5:30 -- 5:40 Event opening by Dr. Dawood Farahi, President Kean University
  • 5:40—6:00 Aspirations In Computing speakers
    • Avis Yates Rivers (Board of Directors of NCWIT and CEO of Technology Concepts) keynote speech
    • Hillary McDonald, TCS sponsor speech
    • Avis Yates Rivers present Educator award to John Hajdu followed by John's acceptance speech
    • Hillary McDonald presents honorable Educator award to Brian Fuschetto represented by Lien Diez and Fran Trees, colleagues of Brian
    • Women In Computing Rutgers: Dr. Rebecca Wright
    • Dr. Rebecca Wright presents Collegiate Award to Kaila Trawitzki, NJIT (national finalist)
  • 6:00—7:00 CRA-W speakers presenting NCWIT Aspirations In Computing awards to winners
    • Award presenters:
      • Margaret Burnett, Rebecca Wright, Fran Trees, Monica Heller, Leslie Foladare, Phyllis Weiss
    • Award Name Reader: Hillary McDonald
  • 7:00—8:30 Dinner and networking reception