Homework is assigned per Trimester. Students are expected to:

*READ 20 pages nightly (this includes weekends)-- student's choice.

*The Homework Matrix

Each Trimester you will be given a Homework Matrix. You will have your choice of which homework you would like to complete. The due dates are listed along the bottom of the Matrix. You are to choose one (1) homework from each row to complete before the due date.

You may choose to do more than one homework for each row. You are expected to do a minimum of four (4) homework assignments per trimester.


It is important that all students arrive to school on time and ready to work. This means they have had a full night's sleep, eaten breakfast, all belongings are in a backpack, and they are ready to learn!


Students are allowed to bring a snack daily. Healthy snacks are encouraged. Chips, candy, sweet treats (i.e. twinkies) and the like will NOT be permitted. If a student brings any of these, they can save it for lunch.

Healthy snack options could be: apples, bananas, celery, carrots, small amount of nuts, or other fruits and vegetables.

Birthdays and Other Parties

If you would like to bring in a small treat for your child's birthday, please talk to me first. A two (2) day notice is appreciated. I reserve the right to cancel or refuse a celebration based on a child's behavior, classwork completion and/or homework completion.

If you would prefer to donate a book to our classroom library in honor of your child's birthday, and would like suggestions please contact me.

Small treats such as pencils, stickers, etc are healthier options for ALL parties.

Field Trips

Field trips are a PRIVILEGE, not a RIGHT. While field trips are educational and are designed to enhance the learning experience, it is also expected that students will follow school and classroom rules. If these rules are broken, the student may not be allowed to attend an upcoming field trip. In the event a child is not allowed on a field trip, an appropriate, educationally relevant assignment will be given to the student to complete during the school day while at school. The assignment will be in relation to the field trip so that the student experiences the same information as those on the field trip.