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2018 Income Taxes


We offer a few discounts for people that work in certain professions. Certainly, the best discount goes to Tradesmen and women since that is the base we serve most. Other professions include but are not limited to; GM Employees, EMT, Nurses, Teachers, Police Officers, Fire Fighters, and people in most other public service positions. Full Details at the bottom of our Services Page.

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You no longer need to play phone tag to schedule an appointment with us! Just go to the Appointments page to find a day and time that works for you! Once you have done that we will take care of the rest!

Tax Refund Advance!

You have the option to get a portion of your refund early! Thanks to EPS Financial, we offer a tax refund advance option at a low cost. You can also use this option to pay for your return as well!

Get Your Taxes Done For Free

Yup! You have to do a little bit of work for it, but Free is FREE! When your taxes are completed by us, we include, in your copy of the return, coupons for referrals. Each referral is worth $20 and are redeemable up to the amount paid for your return. At the end of the season, we take these coupons and write a check to our clients as a Thank You for their recommendation!

Either set an Appointment, or ask us questions by phone: (810) 652-6125 or by email: casey@kcstax.com

Small Business

Save Time, Go Virtual

Virtual accounting practices make sure you, the business owner, can get up-to-date information in a few hours! You no longer need to wait for the month end to take the pile of receipts in to someone. Just take a picture on your phone and see results!!

Three Levels of Service

Starting as low as $99/mo. These service levels are designed to give the small business owners an option on service and price. Silver, Gold, and Platinum are our tiers of service that are able to meet most every need. Add-on's can be included in order to deliver a more customized service.