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Frequently Asked Tech Questions

What security measures are in place for student iPads?

Student iPads are under the control of Securly. This internet filter controls student access to inappropriate material both at school and at home. In addition, student email and G-Suite files are monitored with Gaggle.

Where can I find the district iPad handbook?

Please look over the District 96’s iPad Handbook for important information.

Can my child login to their personal Apple ID on their iPad?

Students do not have the ability to login with an Apple ID. All school related apps will be provided by the district.

Can students download apps/games to their school iPad?

With the removal of students ability to sign into an Apple ID, they can no longer access the App Store

What if my student forgets their iPad at home?

Students will not be provided with a “loaner” iPad or Crayon if either is forgotten at home. They will be required to complete assignments at the discretion of the teacher.

What happens if an iPad, Crayon, case, or charger breaks?

The broken item should be taken to the Technology Aide for testing and possible replacement. All replacement items are bound by the District 96 iPad Policy. Please contact the school’s tech aide.

Can we connect to our home wifi?

Yes, just enter settings on the iPad, select wifi and connect to your home network. Your student’s iPad will automatically reconnect to the district network upon arrival at school.

Can my child access their personal email on their iPad?

No. Students will not be able to use the Mail functionality. Students in Grades 4-8 can access the GMail app through the Self Service App on their iPads and login using their district email address.

Does the district/school provide headphones/earbuds for student use?

Headphones/Earbuds are on each school’s supply list. If students lose or damage their headphones/earbuds, it is the responsibility of the parent to replace them.

What happens if a student loses an iPad, Crayon, case and/or charger?

All replacement items are bound by the District 96 iPad Policy. Please have your student contact the school’s tech aide.

What do I do if we don’t have internet at home?

Please notify the student’s teacher or the school’s technology coach for more information to about obtaining internet access at home

What is the difference between TeacherEase and Schoology?

TeacherEase is where your student’s grades are posted. Schoology is where your student accesses and turns in their assignments

How do I clean the iPad?

Follow guidelines at Apple Support

You Asked...

Digital Citizenship

What does this look like at home...

Digital Communication

  • Email (Middle School only)

  • Schoology Discussions

  • Text Messaging

  • Social Media - Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat

“Who are you talking with? Do you go to school with this person?”

“Is this a conversation for a school project?”

"Is what you typed something you would be okay with if said about you?"

Digital Commerce

  • “Check in with me before purchasing an app.”

Digital Literacy

  • “Is this website reliable and how do you know?”

Digital Etiquette

  • “If anyone texts you something that hurts you, you know you can always let me know.”

  • "There are no take backs. What is said on the internet, stays on the Internet . . . FOREVER!"

Digital Law

  • “Make sure to cite where you got that picture from in your essay.”

  • Check age requirements for social media. (Don't lie about your age!)

Digital Health & Wellness

  • It’s time to turn off your iPad or video game.”

  • “Let’s have a device free dinner.”

  • Create a designated tech-free zone and time.

Digital Security

  • “Keep your passwords private . . . even from your friends!”

  • Personal information can include name, address, phone number, school, passwords, birthday and photo.

  • "Just because someone says they are 12 on the internet, doesn't mean they are! Be SMART!"

  • "If at anytime, a stranger on the internet asks for personal information, TELL US!"

  • "NEVER meet anyone in person that you met online!"

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