Year: 1990

Namibia becomes independent. Sam Nujoma is the First president.

Year: 1998

Namibia, Angola, and Zimbabwe send troops to the Democratic Republic of Congo to support President Lauren- Kabila against rebels

Year: 2001

President Nujoma says he will not stand for a fourth term when his presidency expires in 2004.

Year: 1994

Nujoma and Swapo re- elected. They govern Southwest Africa.

Year: 1999

Sam Nujoma runs for president again. He wins

Year: 2002

New Prime Minister. His name is Theo Ben Gurirab

Year: 2006

National Anti-Polio campaign is launched following the death of at least 12 people from Polio.

Year: 2014

A protester is shot and killed by police during a rare occurrence of political violence

Year: 2004

Germany officers formal apology for colonial killings of tens of thousands of ethnic heroes, but rules out compensation for victims' descendants

Year: 2007

Ten men are found guilty of treason for leading a secessionist rebellion in the Caprivi region and are given long prison terms