Human & Physical Features of Namibia

Namibia and the U.S.A have very interesting statistics of human & physical features. To begin with, the overall rank of Namibia is 126th, while the overall rank of the U.S.A is 8th. Next, the life expectancy of Namibian people at birth is 64.8 years old, and the life expectancy of American people at birth is 79.1 years old, which is pretty old compared to the life expectancy of most other countries. The average amount of schooling in Namibia is 11.3 years of school, while the average amount of schooling in the U.S.A is 16.5 years. This is a lot of years because it includes both high school and college. The national income in Namibia is $9,417, while the national income of the United States is $52,946.50 this is almost 6 times the amount of Namibia. Next, the homicide rate in Namibia per 100,000 people is 17.2 people, and the U.S.A's homicide rate is 4.7 people. Obviously, more people die in Namibia. Then, the exports and imports in Namibia is 104.1%, while in the U.S.A, it's 309%. The mobility and communication in Namibia per 100 people are 309, while the mobility and communication in the U.S.A per 100 people are 98.4. Next, the Carbon Dioxide emissions per ca-pita in Namibia is 1.3, while in the U.S.A it’s 17. Finally, the population in Namibia is 2.3 million people, while the population in the U.S.A is 322.6 million people. Almost 300 times the amount of the population of Namibia. In conclusion, Namibia and the U.S.A have some interesting human & physical features.