KCSD TAG Program

Due to budget cuts, the Klamath County School District has cut the funding for the TAG program by more than half for the 2020-2021 school year, going from two teachers to one, cutting the materials and transportation budget by more than half, and cutting the program space from two rooms to one. It is highly unlikely that any special programs will be available for grades 7-8. Parents of students in grades 1-6 will be contacted about TAG opportunities this fall.

The Klamath County School District strongly believes in the importance of providing an excellent education for all students. In order to ensure that our students who are identified as Talented and Gifted receive a rigorous and challenging education, we provide a weekly pull-out program for students in grades 1-6; educational field trips and academic competitions for students in grades 7-8; and a variety of high school classes and opportunities, including access to dual-credit courses so students can work at a college level while still in high school.