Endangered species Project

Kentucky Country Day School | 8th Grade

Presentation Day: Thursday, March 28, 2019


This is the homepage for the KCD 8th Grade Endangered Species Project. The project takes place over eight weeks in students' History, English, and Science classes. For details of all of the project components, please see the "Project Handouts" link above.

Students, do you have questions?

Copies of the handouts and links to useful websites are available on this site. First check the provided information to see if your question is answered there.

If you can't find your answer, don't just guess -- contact a teacher or advisor! They are all listed below!

Visitors, do you have questions?

Feel free to look around the site to explore this interdisciplinary project! All handouts and material belongs to the project teachers (current and former).

Please contact sarah.shartzer@kcd.org before using any of these materials. For details on a specific component of the project, feel free to contact any of the teachers below.

Project Teachers & Advisors

US History 8 | 8th Grade Advisor

English 8 | 8th Grade Advisor | English Department Chair

Science 8 | 8th Grade Advisor

Algebra 8| 8th Grade Advisor |Class Co-Sponsor | Technology Integrationist

Art 8 & Art Rotations | 8th Grade Advisor

Pre Algebra 8 | 8th Grade Advisor

Spanish 8 | 8th Grade Advisor | Class Co-Sponsor

French 8 | 8th Grade Advisor | World Language Department Chair