Welcome to the STUDIO....

A New Home...

Curtain Call Theatre for Children has a new home at 2114 North Armstrong Street Kokomo, IN. The Curtain Call Studio has a small stage and can seat up to 75 audience members. The building will be used for auditons, meetings, rehearsals, and a few smaller performances.

This building is also availble to rent for birthday parties, karaoke nights, graduation open houses, and more!

Curtain Call Studio Building Campaign:

Curtain Call is launching a building campaign to purchase the building by 2024. We are currently in a four-year lease, but would love to finance or purchase the building by the time our lease runs out. We have a $125,000 goal in order to purchase this building and make some additional renovations to meet our needs.

We are accepting any assistance in this endeavor-- give us a call and let's talk about how you can be apart of the Curtain Call Legacy.