About Our Company

At KCB Sanitation Services, LLC our goal is to inspire clean and healthier communities by providing excellent waste disposal solutions to the public. We are a loyal team of individuals committed to the cause of always keeping the community beautiful.

Through our hard work, dedication and attention to details we strive to make a positive impact on every community we serve. We’re here so that you can mitigate any trash worries. Allow us to make your community a healthier, cleaner, more beautiful place to live.

Our Services

  • We provide valet doorstep trash pick-up and disposal on a weekly basis at a minimum of 4 days out of the week.

    • Services will start at 8 pm and commence until the completion of collection.

  • We offer thorough cleaning/ pressure washing of dumpsters and (or) compactor locality on a biweekly recurrence, or as needed.

  • Haul away services for larger refuse items will be available on a biweekly basis.

  • We will provide one complimentary 13 gallon trash bin per unit to be used under this proposal.

  • Flyers will be provided to residents informing them of trash service, scheduled pick-up days and times, as well as rules, regulations and violations in accordance with KCB Sanitation Services’ policy.


The benefits of valet trash amenities for residential communities are now common knowledge for both property managers and residents. By offering our business to your community, you immediately boost your marketability and reputation. Our superior services will enhance resident’s quality of living by providing a cleaner and safer environment in which to live. Above all, our solutions will supplement profit for property management.

Contact Us

Phone: 678-305-5376

Email: bobbymurph@kcbss.com