Mokihana and School Counseling for your ʻOhana


We hope that this site provides some helpful resources to support you during this time of adjustment. Within each section, you can find documents, supports, and activities that you may find useful. There are a few recommendations that we would like to emphasize:

Listen. Make time to listen to your child and be attune to your child's emotions. Try to remain calm when interacting with your child. Children often mirror their parents' reactions.

Be flexible. While it is important to maintain a routine, making time to connect with your family and to be outdoors is critical. Remember that learning can take place in any activity.

Cut yourself a break. We are all figuring this out together. Don't be too hard on yourself and make time for self-care. It's important to model healthy coping strategies for your child.

We recognize that these recommendations and resources may not be applicable to or practical for all families. If you would like more individualized support, please contact us.

Marie Terry Bivens

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Phone: 808-346-0827

Faith Zabek

School Psychologist

Phone: 808-855-5606

Jana Rider

Hanalei School Counselor

Juday Leong

Kilauea School Counselor