Lunch Menu

School Year 2017-2018 Kaunakakai School is participating in the CEP program which entitles the school to give each student a free meal every day. That means each student is allowed 1 breakfast and 1 lunch each day. We ask that each student complete a Student Meal Survey form and return to the school office when completed. If you have any questions feel free to call the office at 567-7200.

Adults are welcome to eat with their child/children. Please go to the office to pay before having your meal. Breakfast is $2.40 (7:05am - 7:40am), Lunch is $5.50 (11am - 12:20pm). We would appreciate exact change. When you pay for breakfast you will be given a meal ticket that has to be used the day of purchase (meal tickets change daily). If you would like to have a lunch please call or inform the office before 9am (a lunch count needs to be turned into the cafeteria by 9am) and we can put in your order. Go to the office to pay for your lunch and the receipt will serve as your ticket.

Feel free to contact the following if you have any questions:

  • Jonathan Espaniola - Cafe Manager, 567-7230
  • Elsa Ah Van - Meal Clerk, 567-7201