From The College Counselor


Welcome back to another action packed year at KAS! Special greetings to the graduates and parents of the class of 2019. Also a very special welcome to our many university admissions visitors.

This year we have 65 seniors in line for graduation upon successful completion of their academic requirements. Last year, many of our graduates were accepted at some amazing universities and institutions all over the world. Some of these include UCLA, UC Berkeley and UC Davis, University of Toronto, UBC, McGill, Queens, Sophia University and EHL in Switzerland. This shows us that our students are truly searching out the best fit and best tertiary studies for themselves worldwide.

It is never too early for you to start your research on which program or degree is best for you. After that, you can look for the colleges that offer those programs. I am here to help you in your search. I encourage you and your parents to make an appointment with me to discuss future possibilities no matter what high school grade you are in. Middle school parents are also welcome to drop in at any time as well.

This year promises to be a busy year with respect to university research and applications. Remember to keep your eye on your goals and find that institution to help you realize those goals. Communication is a key factor in this whole process so please come in to see me at any time. I always say the best resources are those who walk through our doors. Please come and meet the college representatives when they visit us. You never know where a conversation will lead.

I hope you all have a fantastic year and get the most out of our great campus and academics.

Here are a few things that may help you in your university search

Naviance/Family Connection: This is a comprehensive website geared towards college and personal searches. Most of the college applications are sent electronically through Naviance. All students have access to this website. Naviance/Family Connection

The KAS College Handbook which has many tips & techniques for navigating the college application process. College Handbook

Visitors to KAS: Every year, college admissions representatives come to our school to meet with students, parents and the counselor to update us on the latest happenings and admission requirements & programs. It’s most important that students take this opportunity to meet with them as they are a wealth of knowledge and a great help in navigating the process as well as suggesting programs for our students. My goal is to get many more representatives to visit us in the coming months. We have great students and a great school! Let’s show the world!

How to schedule a KAS visit: Please contact Greg Bishop, college counselor at or Denise Wu, counseling secretary, at We would be happy to make arrangements.

Greg Bishop, College Counselor