KARV Data Consulting Limited is a data science consultancy focused on building predictive models from machine learning and AI platforms, assisting companies to make informed decisions based on intelligence from their own data and external datasources.

Kinesthetic Auditory Reading Visual

KARV utilizes an AI technology platform that mimics the ‘human’ learning experience.

KARV comes from the 4 different human learning styles:

  • Kinesthetic
  • Auditory
  • Reading
  • Visual.

The KARV AI platform was formed to mimic the way a human learns- via movement (autonomous robots and cars), listening (voice-to-text), reading (natural language processing), and seeing (computer vision and image processing).

KARV specializes in taking a company's ideas and then translates that into models for the computer to mimic, automate, and optimize business processes.

Our Team

Shams Zaman

PhD, BSEEStatisticianElectrical Engineer

Grant Betts

CPA, BASc Software EntrepreneurAccountant

Carlo Carandang

MD, MScData ScientistPsychiatrist

Richard Landzaat

CPA, CAReal Estate EntrepreneurAccountant

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email: info@karvit.ca

phone: 902-222-0945

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