Kappa Gamma International serves as the alumnus body of the Kappa Gamma Fraternity at our beloved alma mater, Gallaudet University. We pride ourselves in being the world’s first and foremost secret society of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Since 1863, we have cultivated over 1,900 Brothers to serve a humanitarian purpose in the lives of our community in every corner of our cherished planet.

From administrative offices to villages in third world countries, the Kappa Gamma man seeks to avail himself as a resource for increasing cultural understanding, accessibility, Deaf Pride, and social justice. While every Kappa Gamma Man’s time is limited, we firmly believe that there is nary any time to waste.

Beyond that, Kappa Gamma International serves as a collaborative governing body for the Kappa Gamma Fraternity and as a catalyst to further expand our esteemed purpose through fundraisers, scholarships, and our alumni chapters.

Throughout the years of Active and Alumni Brotherhood, one of the deepest essence of our organization is to set an example to everyone who bears witness to the order of the Brotherhood and our revered goal; and this is “To be true to Gallaudet”.