Products / Processes

Our product and process focused practice helps established and growing companies in defining their offering (product or service) and managing the implementation. We also support investment and corporate venturing decisions as they relate to technology products.

Software Product Development

We work closely with product managers or in some cases take on product/program management responsibilities, but in almost all cases we are mandated by the Board of Directors and/or the CEO to step in when the status quo is no longer acceptable. In the case of enterprise software technologies our expertise includes product management, product development, documentation and testing and quality assurance. We ARE NOT an IT services outsourcing company, but we have managed outsourced and offshore product development service delivery projects.

Sample project: Overall responsibility for the development of a world class enterprise software solution for a venture backed enterprise software startup.    Included management of engineering, testing and documentation functions , a budget of $3M annually over several years and  team sizes over 30.   Under the direction of the CEO, the Board of Directors and in consultation with Fortune 100 customers.
Outcome: delivered a world class product that was acquired by Oracle Corp and incorporated into their software suite 

Team and Technology Assessment

We bring our 40+ years of technology professional experience to bear in evaluating the quality of products and teams, including development and delivery processes.

Sample project: assist management with an assessment of existing technology team,
product portfolio, processes and intra-company communication.   Under the direction of the CEO.
Outcome: Presented a detailed set of recommendations after a 360-degree analysis of the organization, all of which were implemented
Sample project: Evaluate the product, processes and intellectual property developed by an outsourced product development partner in India.   Under the direction of the CEO.
Outcome: Crititcal data delivered to support outsourcing/insourcing decisions and valuation discussions between the vendor and the company

Corporate / Joint Ventures in Technology

Our deep experience in venture capital and corporate finance, bridged with our technology skills, gives our clients an unmatched level of insight and analysis to support decisions on the potential for technology investment decisions, acquisitions and joint ventures.

Sample project:  Evaluated technology choices for micro-finance institutions (MFIs) as investments or as joint venture opportunities.  Performed due diligence on potential investment targets and also evaluated the merits of joint venture partners and their products for suitability for adaptation to microfinance.
Outcome:  Evaluated several technology investment opportunities for the MFI.   Worked closely with a JV partner to adapt their core banking platform to be used by microfinance institutions.  We also developed technical and financial/pricing adaptations for the JV as the foundation for the business plan.

Efficiency for Non-Profits

We believe the world of non-profits, especially as seen in healthcare and education, have lagged in adoption of technology to enhance productivity and customer service levels. KSG consultants have been called in often to help revamp processes or turn around cash bleeding programs.

Sample project: Develop an alumni outreach program for an elite educational institution. We independently assessed the needs of the organization, evaluated existing and new technology options and designed a cost effective solution for alumni outreach in time for their 60th anniversary celebration. Fund raising was tied to the success of their outreach efforts.

Outcome:  Developed and delivered a cost-efficient option to meet project goals on schedule after an extensive review of technology options and budget constraints.  We recommended an add-on module to a recently purchased  intranet instead of developing a custom alumni management system or leveraging other CRM systems.  This recommendation was implemented on time and at minimal cost.

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