Venture capital / private equity Funds

The KSG team has been involved in the fund raising, investment processes and portfolio management of three different venture funds that span the US, Europe and India. Across 30+ transactions, the KSG team has demonstrated depth in technology deal sourcing, investment processing and portfolio management (including exits in several markets). The team also has experience in raising seed, venture and growth stage technology investment funds from corporates, fund-of-funds, high-net-worth individuals and family offices on a global scale. We now deliver our expertise to established venture capital funds and corporate venture capital teams as they seek to generate or optimize their strategic and financial returns.

FUND Investments

At KSG, we help rev up the sourcing engine for a fund through a proven methodology that operates on several dimensions:

  • Geography: be it mature markets in the US or the emerging opportunities across Europe and Asia, the KSG team has been sourcing and closing opportunities at the rate of 2 to 3 transactions per year
  • Stage: In VC fund strategy you need “horses for courses” – the stage of investing needs to match sectors and geographies; we have been making seed, early and growth stage investments with a track record of exits across each paradigm
  • Sourcing: Our credibility as successful former entrepreneurs and thought leaders in defined sectors drives proprietary deal flow. We also maintain strong relationships with investors, entrepreneurs and intermediaries across markets.

Our engagement model span advisory or consulting services by projects or periods of time.

Sample project: Engaged as a consultant to cover the complex transactional ecosystems by an emerging fund. 
Outcome: Sourced one of the hottest startups in the US with top-tier co-investors. 

Fund Strategy

We have been directly involved in the development of strategy, structures and team composition for several funds in multiple jurisdictions including the US, Singapore, and Mauritius. Nascent venture funds seek our expertise in fund set up and early execution.

Sample project: Assisted the inception, strategy and fund raise for a $25M seed fund.  Included fund P&L advisory and team recruitment and compensation strategy. 
Outcome: Successful fund raise and team constitution.  The $25M fund was oversubscribed 2x as we navigated complex term sheets from a mixed bag of LPs which included fund of funds, high net worth individuals and top-tier venture capital funds

Corporate Venture Capital

Corporate venture capital is seeing a growth surge (again!). As new entrants and existing CVCs think about tradeoffs between financial and strategic returns, sourcing strategies, team formulation and compensation, they turn to KSG’s expertise having worked with some of the most successful CVCs in several markets.

Sample project: Led the strategy development and internal business case for a captive venture capital fund at a Fortune 500 financial services firm.

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