Corporate Finance

As successful technology entrepreneurs and investors we have been on both sides of the table – especially in the context of entrepreneurial decisions at growing startups. A track record of corporate development, fund raising and mergers and acquisitions on both the sell side and the buy side, gives the KSG team a unique and educated perspective on corporate finance decisions for more mature businesses and startups alike. This practice is focused on ensuring that technology companies get the right amount of capital at the right valuation and growth businesses are acquired and sold by ideal transaction partners at optimal valuations.

Mergers and Acquisitions

KSG principals have led some of the largest technology acquisitions from the front – where the value in potential transactions is visionary and based on deep technology or distribution synergies. We bring our considerable network of resources and experience conducting transactions on a global scale to bear upon this advisory practice. We ARE NOT transaction brokers or investment bankers, but we serve as strategic advisors to the management teams and Boards of companies that seek to buy or sell assets or entire businesses.

Sample project: Conceived the value of information security to a storage vendor, drove a partnership and vision discussion that culminated in the largest technology acquisition of 2006.
Outcome: The target had a pre-announcement market cap of  less than a $1B but was acquired for $2.3B. Since then, both sides of the transaction have seen synergies realized. 

Shyam [Managing Director at KSG] was instrumental in advising us on the acquisition of our start up. He brings a unique blend of entrepreneurial and VC experience to the table.

Zachary Jones, former CEO, Portea Medical Group

Capital Structure

At KSG, we have been making investments as part of seed, early and growth stage venture capital funds for over seven years and our portfolio extends from the US to Europe and India. Across over 30 transactions we have gained a wealth of experience working with investors of all shades. We bring this experience to entrepreneurs and growing businesses that seek capital, be it in the form of equity fund raising or as venture debt to extend their runway.

Sample project: Assist early stage startup founder in negotiating term-sheet with potential investors against the backdrop of an all-stock acquisition offer.
Outcome: Presented realistic investment scenarios with future valuation and dilution analysis and contrasted it with  potential outcomes of existing acquisition offer – the entrepreneur chose to sell (against the wishes of his investors) based on our recommendation.

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