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Foundation Term 4 Calendar Events

13 October - Oral Health Education Day

20 October - Transition to Grade 1/2 morning

3 November - Transition to Grade 1/2 morning

10 November - Trash Puppets (newsletter to come)

17 November - Transition to Grade 1/2 morning

24 November - Transition to Grade 1/2 morning

25 November - Kalinda Fete!

Trash Puppet Fun

The children had a wonderful time being immersed in and surrounded by trash to create their trash puppets. Our big idea in CBL this term has been Environments and Sustainability and the Foundation children's essential question asks "why it is important to recycle. They have become very familiar with trash; sorting it between the reusable, recyclable and what is genuine trash. They have also been considering the impact of waste on our environments.

The children were very proud of their creations. Its been amazing to see how engaged they have been in their constructions. This activity has been so popular and we've had loads of trash left over so it has been included as an option during Fabulous Fridays over the next few weeks. Thankyou to everyone who donated some trash for our Trash Puppet Bonanza.


This term the children have continued learning about subtraction. During our Subtraction Unit, the children were exposed to open-ended maths problems. These activities are different from the traditional closed questions in maths (e.g. 5-2=?) in that the children are really required to use their higher order thinking and maths investigations skills; using concrete materials (such as counters, unifix and icy-pole sticks) and drawings to find answers to open-ended problems.

For example 1. There are only six chickens left in Mrs Farmers pen. How many chickens did she once have and what happened to them.

2. Max had some strawberries. He ate some. Now he has 10. Use pictures, counters, unifix, numbers to show your number stories.

As teachers, it was fascinating to see the children thrive with these higher order thinking tasks. Some of the responses they came up with were absolutely amazing (see right).

Next week we will start a unit on "sharing" which is a foundation level introduction to division.



This week in Science, the children have been making prints of their fingerprints and learning that their fingerprints are unique to them, have patterns such as loops, whorls and arches and have been using their science skills to compare their own fingerprints with that of their friends. They were very excited to have access to real scientific magnifying glasses to observe their fingerprint patterns.

Sports Number Day with our Buddies!

Writer's Workshops 18/9

As we approach the end of term 3, the children are making some excellent progress in their writing skills. When reflecting on their first few weeks at school its hard to believe how far they've come in their writing!!! Most of them couldn't even write a word but now they are forming legible sentences using upper case letters at the beginning and full stops at the end. They are experimenting with excellent word choices and are confidently developing their ideas to form the basis of their writing. They are always proud of their writing and eager to share their work in front of their class. To the right are some pics of a typical Writer's Workshop. We always encourage them to have their THRASS charts and hot words on standby to help them with their spelling choices.

The Foundlings enjoying some eye browsing and shopping at the Grade 5/6 Market Day


What a great morning we had in Foundation, getting together with our Grade 5 buddies. We came together as part of Book Week to read a children's picture story book called Go Home Cheeky Animals! by Johanna Bell and Dion. We then worked on an activity together, based on the book; drawing and labelling some more crazy animals. Both the Foundation students and their Grade 5 Buddies had a fabulous time! A big thanks to the level 4 teaching team and their Grade 5 students for coming to visit us today. Such a valuable experience for both Foundation and Grade 5 students. Can't wait 'til we meet again!!

PMP - Term 3

PMP (Perceptual Motor Program) is a program we run each year for Foundation students at Kalinda during terms 2 and 3. This program is very effective in assisting students to develop concepts, gross motor skills, short term memory, eye tracking and sensory skills. The students rotate around activities in small groups using a variety of equipment. To the left are some images from PMP this week.

We'll be sad to say goodbye to PMP at the end of this term. A big thankyou to our parent helpers for volunteering your time to support this program. A big thankyou also to Mrs Karen Johns for running our PMP program this year. The program would not have been able to run without Mrs Johns and our parent helpers!

Welcome to our Lily Vale students from Japan!

Today, in our Foundation module, we welcomed the Japanese students visiting all the way from our sister school, Lily Vale in Ibaraki, Japan. What a wonderful afternoon of excitement, soaking up all the interesting cultural differences and similarities between the Foundation students at Kalinda and the Japanese students (mostly at Grade 5/6 level) from Lily Vale. The Lily Vale students presented us with a very entertaining Q&A session where all students were given the opportunity ask and answer questions about some aspects of the Japanese and Australian cultures - with topics ranging from geography, food and even anime! We were very grateful to have the opportunity to welcome the Lily Vale students into our module for the afternoon. Yosoko Lily Vale!!

100 Days of School!

The children absolutely LOVED celebrating their 100 days of school on 31st July with a performance at Assembly. And what a stunning performance it was!! After their Assembly performance, we spent the rest of the day sharing and viewing the 100 items collected by your child and and rotating around the module to make different 100 days themed crafts (glasses in FH, ties in FL, monsters in FD and crowns in FG). It was a big fun-packed day for all, and the children did really well to cope with all the excitement and the change of pace.

A big CONGRATULATIONS to ALL the children and parents (and Foundation teachers) on reaching 100+ days of school!! We have really enjoyed getting to know all your wonderful children so far and are really enjoying guiding them through their Foundation stage learning journey at Kalinda!!

Wow, can you believe that we are more than half way through the term?

This week we are looking at the life cycle of the butterfly.

Today we read 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' and the children all made their own caterpillars!

Enjoy the pictures

The Foundation Team.