Loy Norrix Forensics Team

Welcome to the Loy Norrix Forensics Team Website! Below you should find everything you should need in order to help us make this season successful. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Carrow (O'Shea). Thank you!



Students should be good (meaning C- or higher) in the majority of their classes in order to participate in tournaments. As leaders in the school, their behavior in school should be acceptable (no referrals/suspensions) in order to participate in tournaments. This a very public team (all social media included), please be aware that you are representing not only yourself, but our entire team. Stay away from the gossip and “hottie pages” and make sure whatever public media you post- best represents you and our team.

Honesty is the best policy- especially in Forensics. Since a lot of the work you will be doing is independent, we need to know the facts of your progress. If you are struggling, please do not feel the need to “sugarcoat” the situation- reach out to your teammates, captains and coaches- we are here to make sure you succeed! If there are specific concerns you have that you don’t feel comfortable discussing with your peers, my door is always open.

Communication is vital to the success of our team, with that being said- the expectation is that all communication is done within 24hrs of the original message. If there is an emergency, the expectation is that you immediately contact me on my cell phone, if I am unable to answer- please call Mrs. Hauke or your pod captain.