Natural Resources

Kalāheo High School

Welcome to Kalāheo High School Natural Resources!

The Natural Resources Pathway at Kalāheo is centered around place-based learning and farm to table (māla to mouth) education. Students learn the importance of sust‘āinability and how to reduce their impact on our natural resources here in Hawai‘i. Our classes maintain a native garden, a māla ‘ai (food garden), and chicken coop. We also attend various field trips throughout the year to better understand the Kailua Ahupua‘a and numerous career pathways involving natural resources.

Classes that are offered at Kalāheo include:

Natural Resources Core

Natural Resources Production I

Natural Resources Production II

Natural Resources Capstone

Natural Resources (NR) Core is an introductory level course designed for freshman and sophomores with career exploration, basic plant science, and natural resource management education. NR Production I and II are our second and third level courses where students begin to implement natural resources management plans, design their own management plans, and engineer solutions to various problems in NR. Lastly, our NR Capstone class is for seniors who have taken NR Core, NR Production I, and NR Production II. Our Capstone students participate in a work-based learning program with our partner organization, Hika‘alani, at Ulupō Heiau. Students spend about 3 - 4 hours per week working at Ulupō learning through hands-on, community-based education.

Recent Class Events

Windward Academy for CTE Static Hydroponic Workshop

9/24/18 - Kalaheo Natural Resources students, Alex Lacoste-Servian, Yadhira Troncoso, Grace Nastase, Marah Komae, and Azure-Paige Ka‘opua attended the District Static Hydroponic Workshop with their teacher, Ms. Gardner, and Principal, Mr. Rippard.

They presented lesson activities for teachers to implement the static hydroponic systems into their own classes. They also really enjoyed the tour of Kahuku Farms and witnessing first-hand the farm to table ("māla to mouth") process.

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