Machine Guard

Downtime monitoring solution

What's that?

Machine Guard is a simple and easy-to-use system to collect and report downtime from machines or production lines.

Why bother?

To put it simple, downtime steals resources, money and energy. In order to minimize the downtime and maximize the productivity, key factor is to detect and identify the production bottlenecks. And that's the point where Machine Guard comes in.

How it works?

Machine Guard collects downtime duration of machine or production line and makes a difference between short and long downtime events. Short downtime is collected automatically and it consists of total duration and total number of events.

At some point, short downtime turns into a long downtime. For long downtime, operator is requested to select a reason prior to starting up again. Selection is done via pre-defined menu as seen on following video.

Data is now collected and ready for reporting. Reporting part of Machine Guard requires nothing more than a web browser, next video demonstrates the basic features.

What's the requirements?

Machine Guard is a light-weight application, it runs on a Windows workstation. It communicates with machine PLC either via network connection or using a DAQ (data acquisition module).

How to continue?

Don't hesitate to contact me for more information, together we can make a plan how to improve your process by detecting the downtime.

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